Riddle: A gold miner walked into jewelry exchange to see what he can get for his big jackpot of gold he found- nine bags' worth of gold nuggets! He walked over to the counter and the jeweler carefully inspected the gold from each bag. The jeweler said "Well, you've got quite a payload here, but I'mm sorry to say one of these bags is full of a gold look-alike. Not fool's gold, but not gold either." The miner asked, "Well which bag is it?" The jeweler was in a riddlish mood. "How about this, I'll pay you the worth of the bag of fake gold if you can use that 25-cent scale over there one time and find out which bag is full of fake gold."

Gold Nugget Weight= 1 ounce
Fake Gold Nugget Weight= 1.1 ounces

How would you find out which bag is full of fake gold?
Answer: Label one bag 1, the second 2, etc. Then take one nugget of gold from the first bag, two from the second etc. and put them on the scale. Lets say for example that the sixth beg was the one full of fake gold. The total weight would be 9.6 ounces since there would've been 6 1.1 ounce pieces. And if the bag of fake gold was the third bag, it would've been 9.3 ounces.
A Desperate Gold Miner Riddle Meme.
A Desperate Gold Miner Riddle Meme.
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