Riddle: a man was found dead in his appartment how did he die? (the answer is in the riddle)
Answer: the man walked over to the window tripped over the wire off his television, and stumbled around the appartment for some time, trapping his hand in the toaster, he knocked into his table and some stamps stuck to him, by now he had a very sore toe so hopped around on one foot untill his knee cap came out by this time the appartment was covered in blood and on fire due to the high concentration of vodka in his blood (wheather this was the cause for the tripping we will never know)he thaught the fresh air will do his toe and bloody knee some good so he hopped over to the window and fell out down 75 stories on to a post box (his spine snaped in half) due to the stamp being on him and him on the post box. the post man looked him up and down and could see no address ('odd' he thaught) so he was returned to sender and crushed throught his tiny post box.
solve the mystery Riddle Meme.
solve the mystery Riddle Meme.
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