Riddle: The police were called in to inspect a case. When they arrived at the crime scene, they discoverd a man slumped over,dead, with a gun shot wound to his head. Nearby, they found a gun and cassette recorder. One of the officers pressed the play button and heard, "I cannot go on anymore....BANG!". With closer inspection, they matched the voice that had been recorded with the victim's own voice. One of the officers concluded it was a suicide but another argued that it was a homicide case. Was it homicide or suicide and how do you know?
Answer: It was a homicide case made to look like a suicide. If it was really a suicide, the recorder should have still been running and a police officer would have had to stop and rewind the cassette. Because someone (the murderer) had already stopped and rewinded the cassette so that the police officer just had to press play, it can be concluded that it was a homicide.
homicide or suicide? Riddle Meme.
homicide or suicide? Riddle Meme.
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