Riddle: A bus is driving from leeds to manchester. there are 32 passengers on the bus to begin with. At the 1st bus stop 11 passengers get off and 3 get on. At the 2nd 4 passengers get off and 7 get on. at the 3rd 4 passengers get on and 4 get off. at the 4th bus stop 5 passengers get on and 1 get off. At the 5th stop more than half the passengers get off plus another 2 and 1 gets on. at the last stop before they reach manchester 2 times the passenger get on that were on before and 1 gets off. how many people are on the bus?
Answer: well there are 27 passengers but ther are 28 PEOPLE because of the bus driver!!
Buses and people Riddle Meme.
Buses and people Riddle Meme.
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