Riddle: A Blonde walks into a store and goes to the salseman.

BLONDE: Can I buy this TV sir?

SALSEMAN: No, sorry we don't sell to blondes here.
The blonde left and came back and repeated herself again.The salseman still said no. Then came back a year later and the same salseman was there.(this time the blonde dyed her hair brown and worked out alot).

BLONDE: Can I please buy this TV sir?

SALSESMAN: We don't sell to blondes here. Sorry!
How did the salseman know she was a blonde?
Answer: This is what happened next!:

BLONDE:How did you know I was a blonde girl?

SALSEMAN:It's simple, because this is a microwave not a TV!
Dumb Blonde and the TV Salesman Riddle Meme.
Dumb Blonde and the TV Salesman Riddle Meme.
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