Riddle: I made a pan of brownies (rectangular) for my two friends to split. However, i have come back to find that a rectangular shaped piece is missing. Assuming that the piece is in a random location at a random angle how can i cut the brownies in half so each of my friends will have an equal share. You get one straight cut and your solution must work for any location of the brownie. You also cannot cut the pan in half horizontally ie if the pan is 2 inches thinck cut parallel to the top of the brownies at the 1 inch mark. This would be too messy!!!!!
Answer: If you cut a line through any rectangle's center it will be divided in half. Cut a line through the center of both rectangles simultaneously to cut the entire pan of brownies in half. The centers can be found by creating diagonals.
Brownies Riddle Meme.
Brownies Riddle Meme.
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