Riddle: Once there was a man and his wife and son. They were out sailing on the ocean when they got ship wrecked on an island. There was little on the island, few coconuts, small amount of clean water, and some pineapple. There were also quite a few pelicans, which the man thought was strange cause there was so little food on the island. Well one day his son died. They were devastated. The man and his wife tried to survive by eating the pineapples and trying to catch a pelican but never could catch one. When the man was close to death his wife had brought him some meat from a pelican that she had caught. He loved it and that saved his life. He was rescued by a helicopter and brought back to his city without his wife cause she had died before. So one day back in the city he went into a bar and he ordered a pelican sandwich to remind him of his wife. He took one bite and he went outside and shot himself. Why did he kill himself?
Answer: He took one bite of it but it was not the same meat that his wife had given to him on the island. He realized that the meat she had given him on the island was really her dead son. So he went out and killed himself because he couldn't live with himself after he ate his own son.
The Sandwich, and The Guy Riddle Meme.
The Sandwich, and The Guy Riddle Meme.
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