Riddle: You are in a room. There are no doors, no windows, and no way out. Don't ask me how you got in there, I don't know. attached to the wall is a tube, going horizontally along the wall. It is open at both ends, and has a slight lip thin at one end. There is a ping pong ball stuck at one end, just in far enough that you can't reach it. The ball touches the tube on all sides, but wouldn't be hard to move if you could somehow. For some reason, to get out of the room, you have to get the ball to the other end. In the room with you is a 10 pound cat, an extra large pot of super glue, and a book on parachuting. How do you get the ball to the other end of the tube?
Answer: Pee in the tube. The items were just decoys.
The Question Of The PIng Pong Ball Riddle Meme.
The Question Of The PIng Pong Ball Riddle Meme.
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