Riddle: its raning outside (with thunder and lightning and all that good stuff) so you can eather go under a tree wich can get struck by lightning or the abandined house accross the street.(you choose house) you go in and you see a ghost at the end of the hallway so you follow it. you come to a green door and a red door witch do you choose (lets say you chose red) you go through the red one and you see three pictures, the screemer,the mona lesa and america wich do you choose(you chose the screemer)you remove the picture of the screemer. you walk down the hall and theres 4 doors, a green one,red one, blue one and a yellow one(you choose blue) there a man in a chair. he says, im going to kill you,how do you want me to? get shot, or elictric chair? what do you choose?
Answer: the elictric chair. because you would of gotten struck by lightning if you went under the tree.
old house Riddle Meme.
old house Riddle Meme.
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