Riddle: There was an Italian gut, a Mexican guy, and a blonde American guy. They were all construction workers and they were all working on the same site. At lunch, they all opened the lunches. The Italian had a plate of Spaghetti, the Mexican had an Enchilada, and the Blonde had a Bologna Sandwich. They were all sick and tired of having the same thing everyday. So the Italian said 'If I eat another plate of Spaghetti, I am going to jump off the Empire State Building.'. 'Me too! If I eat another Enchilada, I will jump off too!' Agreed the Mexican. 'Me Three! If I eat another Bologna sandwich I will jump off also!'
The next day they all had the same thing and all jumped of the building and died. At their funeral, the italian wife said ' If he would have told me, I would have packed him something different!' ' Me too!' Said the Mexicans wife. Then those two wives looked at the blondes wife.What do you think she said?(she is blonde)
Answer: Don't look at me! He packs his own lunch!
This is kind of a Joke! Riddle Meme.
This is kind of a Joke! Riddle Meme.
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