Riddle: There was a man who kept on commiting crimes. He is taken into to court for the third time. The Judge says we have traced back the comments you made in previous courts and we have found out you have bben lying. Your sentance will be to be hung by the neck until dead... However if you can write down a true statement on a pice of paper on the day of your execution then your sentace will only be 10 years injailed. so it came to the day when the man was going to be hung and he wrote down a statement. The Judge read the statemant and realeased the suspect with no charge.

What did he write on the paper

(Read through a few times and you might understad more)
Answer: He wrote I WILL BE HUNG because it's a false statement so he will be hung but if the hang him it will become true and they cant put him in jail because the statement was false!!!
The Crime Suspect Riddle Meme.
The Crime Suspect Riddle Meme.
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