Riddle: Bill Gates hires 5 peeps to solve this question.Theres a room and u cant see inside of it. there is three switches outside of the room and 1 bulb inside of the room.They have to tell him wat swicth turns on the light. there is a door to the room if u open tat door and the lights not on u will have to tell him wat switch turns on the light.U can play with the switches all u want but wen u open tat door u will have to tell him wat switch it is.Theres an answer for this.
Answer: So 1 guy turns on the first switch and leeves it for 5 mins and then puts it down. then he turns on the second switch and opens the door if the bulb is on then its tat the second switch but if it isnt u he will touch it and if its hot its the first one and if isnt both it is the 3rd switch
Bill Gates Riddle Meme.
Bill Gates Riddle Meme.
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