Riddle: A group of campers have been on vacation so long, that they?ve forgotten the day of the week. The following conversation ensues.

Darryl: What?s the day? I don?t think it is Thursday, Friday or Saturday.
Tracy: Well that doesn?t narrow it down much. Yesterday was Sunday.
Melissa: Yesterday wasn?t Sunday, tomorrow is Sunday.
Ben: The day after tomorrow is Saturday.
Adrienne: The day before yesterday was Thursday.
Susie: Tomorrow is Saturday.
David: I know that the day after tomorrow is not Friday.

If only one person?s statement is true, what day of the week is it?
Answer: It is Wednesday. If it was any other day of the week, more than one statement would be true. To solve the riddle, evaluate each person?s statement and write down what day it could be according to the statement. David?s statement indicates it could be any day of the week except for Wednesday. When you list the days that it could be according to everyone?s statement, it turns out Wednesday is the day mentioned only one time.

Darryl: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday
Tracy: Monday
Melissa: Saturday
Ben: Thursday
Adrienne: Saturday
Susie: Friday
David: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday
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