Riddle: 1)I walk on four legs in the morning,
two at noon,
and three at night,
I am a _____

2)A fruit that has a history with two great
things to its name.Without these great things where would we be?In doubt and floating in limbo no less.

3)It brings pain, greif and suffering,
It saddens most and brings the Grim Reaper to call.
What is it?

4)Number1:1st letter
Number2:1st letter
Number3:1st letter

5)Answer this riddle but take heed,
This answer you will need,
To solve the bigger picture,
An endless line that always returns to the point from which it started
Answer: Mad man
Solve each riddle to get the overall answer Riddle Meme.
Solve each riddle to get the overall answer Riddle Meme.
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