Riddle: Ok, this is an easy one, so you better get this right!

3 women go to a hotel and buy 1 room, the clerk says that it will be 30$ so each woman pays 10 bucks, the clerk then relises them that it was actulay 25 dollars and so is wondering how to split $5 in 3 ways, so he justs keeps 2 dollars a tip and gives each woman a dollar back. Now to do some math.

Women pay $30 each, the clerk keeps 2 dollars tip and they all get 1 dollar change.

10+10+10-3+2= 29 dollars paid! what happened to the missing dollar?
Answer: I added wheni should have subtracted, the real math is:

30-2-3=25 dollars the charge of the room

The missing Dollar Riddle Meme.
The missing Dollar Riddle Meme.
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