Riddle: part 1:
how do you fit an elephant in a refridgerator?

part 2:
how do you fit a girrafe in a refridgerator?

part 3:
The animal king calls a meeting, all animals are there exept one.what is the only animal that will not be there?

part 4:
There is a river full of crocodiles you need to get across. There is nothing that can help you get across.

p.s. don't think too hard
Answer: answers
1: open the refridgerator door and put the elephant in

2:open the door take the elephant out and put the girrafe in

3;The girrafe is the only animal that isn't there it's in the refridgerator

4: Swim across the river, the crocodiles are at the animal king's meeting
animal kingdom Riddle Meme.
animal kingdom Riddle Meme.
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