Riddle: 3 men go to a hotel to rent a room..the clerk charges them 30 dollars..so each man pays 10 dollars each...the men go up to the room and the clerk realizes he over charged them 5 dollars..the room was only 25 dollars not 30. So he gives the bus boy 5 dollars to take up to the men...since 5 doestn divide into 3 very nice, the bus boy keeps two dollars and gives the men 3 dollars back...each man gets a dollar..that means each man paid 9 dollars...instead of 10 ( they all got one dollar back.) 9 times 3 is 27 dollars...the bus boy pocketed the 2 dollars..thats only 29 dollars..where did the other 1 dollar go???
Answer: the awnser is simple..you have to think of it from a different stand point..the clerk had 25 dollars himself for the room...the bus boy had 2 and the men had there 3 dollars..3 plus 2 plus 25 equals 30!!
one dollar short Riddle Meme.
one dollar short Riddle Meme.
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