Riddle: 1.I am a round thing.I am very important when two teams play a match.I am filled with air.I do burst.
2.Without me.people coannot communicate among themselves.Nobody can point to where I am.I have no face,no personality.I differ from person to persons.
3.I have four legs.I stay with human beings.My greatest enemy also has four legs and stays with human beings.My back has never touched the ground.
4.I am an alphabet.Without me there will be no title for a married woman or man.I am the first letter of the name of an important past African Head of State who did not serve his full term of office.
5.I decide the fate of students.I am held in schools.Without me nobody can select students to continue their education at higher levels.
Answer: 1.Football
4.letter M
Who Am I Puzzle Riddle Meme.
Who Am I Puzzle Riddle Meme.
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