Riddle: A man goes to a temple to find an oracle,when he arrived he saw that there were 2 people identicle people standing in the temple, both wearing the exact same thing.The 2 men tolded the man that if he wanted his future read he would have to do something first.They told him that only one of them was the real oracle and that he had to figure out which is which.
They also added that one of them only tells lies,while the other only tells the truth,and that the man could only asked them 1 question.
What question does the man ask?
Answer: The man askes:if you were the opposite one(Meaning if the truth one was the liar etc.),Who would you say is the oracle? Because then the truth teller would have to point to the fake one and the the liar would also have to point to the fake one.Take a moment to think the answer over,this riddle is very confusing!
Truth or Lie Riddle Meme.
Truth or Lie Riddle Meme.
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