Riddle: A maid was cleaning a phone which you could call for free until she heard a break in. nothing was stolen but a few coins. there were 3 people at the sence of the crime. the first person was mrs Kim which was found looking at the coins before the break in. the second person was mr tim which was found asking for asprin at the front desk, after he was asked some question he when to the pay phone and called his wife that he would be late. the last person was a teenager named mattew which was found drunk in the elevador jaming his finger into the ground floor. the poilce chef mr. jim siad "i know who was the robber is just let me check something". who was the robber and how did Mr. jim know?
Answer: The robber was Mr. Tim becausewhy would he use the pay phone when he could just usethe phone that was free. he used it to get rid of the evidence of the coins.
The intellengent robber Riddle Meme.
The intellengent robber Riddle Meme.
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