Riddle: You are steering a bus to California. When you get there, 5 people get on. When the bus hits Nevada, 3 people get off and 7 people get on. When the bus his New Mexico, 2 people get off and no one gets on. The bus reaches Texas, and 3 people get off, and 9 people get on. The bus hits Missouri and 5 people get off, 7 people on. When it reaches Ohio, 5 poeple get off, and 11 people get on. The bus hits Kentucky, 6 people get on and 9 people get off. When the bus hits South Carolina, 3 people get off and 18 people get on. When the bus takes it's last stop in Florida, everyone gets off. Who was driving the bus?
Answer: You were! In the beginning it says 'you are steering'.
Road Trip! Riddle Meme.
Road Trip! Riddle Meme.
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