Riddle: Tom and joe are in a driveway.
joe always listens to tom and to, always listens to joe.
tom has a bike and joe wanted to ride it.
so joe hopped on the bike.
before joe could pedal, tom snapped at joe
he said "you can't ride my bike unless i said so"
Joe said "Can I ride it?"
Tom said, "no, so get of my bike."
in the end, joe rode the bike.
if tom said no, how is this possible?
Answer: Tom specifically said "you can't ride my bike unless i said SO"
joe the asked permission, and tom said no, SO get off my bike.

Tom said the word SO, after he said that joe couldn't ride the bike unless he said SO.

Since tom said the word SO, joe rode the bike.
bikes Riddle Meme.
bikes Riddle Meme.
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