Riddle: A man is walking on the beach, just after taking a long swim in his clothes. He sees a restaurant on the beach. He walks into the restaurant and gets seated. He looks at the menu and orders seagull soup. The waitress brings out the soup, he takes one bite, realizes something & runs out onto the road and gets killed.

The question is: why did he freak out?
Answer: The guy had been stranded on an island with 2 other people. He was rescued (or in this version swam back to civilization. While on the island the 3 men had to survive. The three would starve if they didn't find food soon. The second guy killed the third guy and with the guy in this riddle ate the 3rd guy calling the stew they made "seagull soup". The man liked it, assumed the second guy committed suicide or some other thing, then after he swam back to civilization, he went into the restaurant ordered his new favorite soup (from the island where he was stranded remember?), and upon tasting the difference, realized he had eaten his friend on the island.

Segull Soup Riddle Meme.
Segull Soup Riddle Meme.
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