Riddle: There once was an old king of egypt who had three sons. He was very wealthy but couldnt decide which one of his sons he should give his wealth to. so after he died his servant told the three sons that he had put his wealth in a far off pyrimid and that whosevers camel got there last would get the wealth. so the three sons sad around for months and months waiting to be the last one to the pyrimid soon they got tired of waiting so they went to the wise man off there village and he said sonething to them in there own language and they all jumped on a camel and raced to the pyrimid. What did the wise man say?
Answer: he said your father said whosever camel gets there last so they jumped on each others camels and raced off
the wise man Riddle Meme.
the wise man Riddle Meme.
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