Riddle: A guy has 5,000 in his bank on monday.
On tuesday, they guy had 4,000 dollars in his bank, but he didn't spend or take out any money.
By sunday, his morgage strangly went up and he had no money left in his bank. and he kept on gettinghis morgage up every sunday. On the saturday before that sunday, he threw out a working computer because he got a new one. The only way to make his morgage go up and his mney go down is through the computer. The guy goes to visit his friend every day and doesn't come home until 5:00. By the next week his morgage went up higher. he was getting suspicious and narrowed down three victims.

The mailman
His arch enemy that killed his wife.
And his computer hacking friend that lived in another state.

What happened and how? Who did it?
Answer: The mailman did it. There is no mail on sunday and the mailman fruaded the guys info. every sunday the mailman would come at 4:00 and mess with his money and morgage. After pluging the computer into his truck and turning it on.
what happened? Riddle Meme.
what happened? Riddle Meme.
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