Riddle: 3 Men go to a motel and ask for a room. The bellhop says its 30 dollars to stay for the night, so the 3 men split the cost 10 dollars each. Then the bellhop realized that it was a special day and rooms only cost 25 dollars. So he catches up to the 3 guys and gived them five dollars. Grateful for his honest they each take one dollar and give two dollars for him. So originally the cost was 30 dollars. But really they spent nine dollars each and gave the bellhop two dollars. Question: Wheres the missing dollar?
Answer: When you think about this riddle you think that they each spend 9 dollars then two dollars for the bellhop, which adds up to 29 dollars, hence the question wheres the missing dollar. But what you might have forgotten is that the room only cost 25 dollars, so they couldnt have spent nine dollars each on just the room. They each spend nine dollars, which adds up to 27 dollars. 25 of those go to the room while the other two dollars go to the bellhop. As for the other three dollar, they each got a dollar back. So you see, there was never a missing dollar.
The Missing Dollar Riddle Meme.
The Missing Dollar Riddle Meme.
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