Riddle: There was a woman and a man. The two were married and had a small child. Each day to make money to support the man and the child, she would go to the kings castel and do a job for him. Her job was to become a rose everyday in his garden of 200 roses. She would come to the job at 9 in the morning then get home at 9 at night. The man grew tired of this and went to the king and demanded that his wife be turned back to human and never bothered again. The king agreed on one condition. The man had to pick the right rose that was his wife in the garden. The only problem was, was that all the roses looked exactly the same. The man checked all roses thorally and finally he picked one. He had chosen correctly. How did he know that that was his wife?
Answer: She had gotten there at 9 oclock in the morning. All the other roses were covered in dew, except for her. She had missed the period of time when dew falls on plants. She was the only one with out dew on her.
Rose Woman Riddle Meme.
Rose Woman Riddle Meme.
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