Riddle: bob and ted go to restaraunt and both order seagull soup. as soon as ted tastes it he runs home and kills himself. why? Bob DID NOT muder him and the soup was not rotten.
Answer: a while back, bob, ted and teds wife were out on a boat trip. they got stranded on an island and they were starving to death. SO... bob murdered ted wife, made her into soup and said it was seagull soup. they ate it and ted assumed his wife had drowned.they got rescued and they were good friends still. after a while bob offered to take ted to a seafood restaraunt. they order seagull soup and ted tastes it. ted then knows that what he ate on the island was not really seagull soup. it was his wife. so he goes home and kills himself becuase he ate his own wife.
seagull soup Riddle Meme.
seagull soup Riddle Meme.
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