Riddle: Dengaku Man rides in his newest weapon, Tanks-A-Lot(Which is clearly a tank). He stops next to a parked mini-van. Dengaku Man climbs out of his tank with a bucket of paint & goes to the side of the mini-van facing the side walk. After some time he goes back to his tank & continues on his way. The next day Dengaku Man rides in Tanks-A-Lot, taking the same route he did yesterday. He stops once again next to the same mini-van. He climbs out with another bucket of paint & again goes to the side of the mini-van facing the sidewalk. After some time he returns to the tank.
On the 3rd day he sees the mini-van being towed-away. Explain what happened.
Answer: The 1st Day: Dengaku Man had a bucket of red paint & painted the side of the sidewalk facing the mini-van red

The 2nd day: Dengaku Man had a bucket of white paint & painted "Fire Lane" over the red coat he painted before

The 3rd Day: The mini-van is towed because your not allowed to park on a "Fire Lane".
Dengaku Man 2 Riddle Meme.
Dengaku Man 2 Riddle Meme.
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