Riddle: There was a man with an extremley small boat.On the boat he had a chicken, a fox, and some corn. He couldn't leave the fox with the chicken because the fox would eat the chicken. He couldn't leave the chicken with the corn because he would eat the corn. How could he get ALL three things across one-by-one without the fox eating the chicken or without the chicken eating the corn?
Answer: He could take the chicken across first, then he goes back and get the fox and take it across. He puts the chicken back on the boat and take it to the other side and put it on land. Then, he takes the corn to the side where the fox is and leave the corn there. Last, he goes back and get the chicken and ALL three things are on the side with each other.
Boat  Ride Riddle Meme.
Boat Ride Riddle Meme.
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