Riddle: a man is trapped in a chamber with only a nife and an apple.
outside that chamber lies a lake with a mile width and at as cold as the ocean.
after the lake theres a never ending forest.
then theres a wall touching the sky and behind the wall theres a pot of gold.
Answer: well first he cuts the apple in half and two halfs make a hole so he climbs out the hole and makes his way to the lake.
when he reaches the lake he sits yhere until he gets bored, then he puts down the board and walks across the lake.
as soon as he makes his way to the forest he shouts until his voice gets hoarse and he rides the horse to the wall.
by this time its late at night and very dark so he waits until its light and lifts it and achieves the pot of gold.
pot of gold Riddle Meme.
pot of gold Riddle Meme.
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