Riddle: this is long and hard to understand, so pay attention! a man is framed in killing his mother in a horrific car accident. before he is sent to jail, the imposter visits him and tells him not to do it. out of anger, he kills him and searches him to find a time machine. he decides to use it to save his mother and clear his name, all with a little help from the man who ruined his life. when he is in jail, he considers the man's words and thinks what he does may disrupt the time space continuim. he changes his mind, but suddenly, something horrible occurs. something even worse than you can imagine. what?
the universe is destroyed.

explaination: in an ironic twist, the man brings the destruction he hoped to end. in a predestined time paradox, the man was supposed to go back in time to save his mother. he steals a car to try to warn her, but his determination to save her causes him to speed and kill his mother. an example of the self-fulfilling paradox. he survives the incident, and travels to the time obtained the time machine. he warns his past self not to go back in time, but thinking it's to assure his mother's death, he kills his future self. thinking about his future self's words, he doesn't go back in time, thus not allow the paradox to take place and destroying the very fabric of the universe.
End of Time aka Longest Riddle in the World! Riddle Meme.
End of Time aka Longest Riddle in the World! Riddle Meme.
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