Riddle: a docter was leaving the hospital late at night, when a guy with dark clothes on mugged him. The mugger told the docter "hey doc, give me all your money". The docter went to the police the next day. The police found two fugitives. The police interviewed them both, not telling them that the person who was mugged was a docter. The first guy was a street thug who sold drugs. the police asked the first guy were he was the previous night. the thug said. "listen i didnt do nothin, i didnt rape nobody, kill nobody, mugg nobody, or sell drugs to anyone. The police asked the second guy, He was he was well known person who lived by the hospital. They asked him the same question as the first guy. He responded. "i didnt mugg no docter.

who mugged the docter
Answer: the second guy
DR Riddle Meme.
DR Riddle Meme.
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