Riddle: There is a man named Tom who works as a detective. One day he goes to the seen of his friends suicide. He sees his friend lying on the table dead with a puddle of blood under him, and on the table there is also a book, and a napkin. He sees a tape recorder on a nearby table. He presses play and years the following message: Tom, Iknew you would be the first one to hear this, and since you were my best friend in life I feel I should tell you. I just can`t handle living any more. I do not want to any longer. Then Tom hears a gun shot, and a body fall on to the table. Tom then says that his friend was murdered, and didn`t commit suicide. How does Tom know he was murdered?
Answer: When Tom pressed play on the tape recorder, the message started from the beginning. However, at the end he heard the gun shot and the body fall on to the table, which meant his friend had died, but if Tom was dead then how could he have rewinded the message to the beginning? Someone else had to have done it. The man who murdered him.
Detective Tom Riddle Meme.
Detective Tom Riddle Meme.
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