Riddle: There is a man who had a normal life and was sick of it. One day he was siting around at his house and he yelled out 'WHY! CANT I BE FAMOUS!' and POOF! there's the devil! He says 'i can make you the most famous man in the world and all you have to do is sell me your soul'. Ofcourse the man agreed and the Devil made him famous. Well a few days later the man is sick of his new life and wants his old life back. So he yells for the devil and the devil poofs in again. 'What do you want!?' and the man says, 'I want my old life back!!' so the devil said. 'Fine!, if you can tell me the one thing i cant do i'll give back your soul and your old life, but! i have to tell you, i can be anywhere do anything and be anything i want. so the man thinks and then leans in and wispers in the devils ear and with a heavy sigh the devil snaps his fingers and the man has his old life back.

What did he say the devil cant do?
Answer: Nothing
The Devil Riddle Meme.
The Devil Riddle Meme.
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