Riddle: Ok i like riddles but here is a questions see if you can answer it.

1. What is the meaning of life?
2. Who is the actor that played Harry Potter?
3. What did you just eat?
4. Why is a hobbit short?
Answer: 1. I don't know, but it made you think i hope.
2. I didn't pay attention to the credits so i dont know
3. Food!!!
4. Ok that was really random, like the rest, so i have some more things to say.......Pancakes, Birdy, Jedi, Medical Experimental Ape, Sun, Candle, Yoda, Dog, Sugar, if your still reading this you must be wanting to see the next thing i say.....WELL ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO TAKE RIDDLES FROM THE HOBBIT I THINK YOU SHOULD THINK SOME OF YOUR OWN....IT ANNOYS ME TO SEE YOU TAKING OTHER PEOPLES WORK...and to those who make their own up good work. Also has anyone ever smelled a flower, cause i see people who smell a flower and smell the different fragences. It all smells the same to me.
Total Nonsense Riddle Meme.
Total Nonsense Riddle Meme.
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