Riddle: A man goes into a restaurant on the sea coast. The restaurant advertises that it has a beautiful view of the ocean over the cliffs. The man goes inside and sits down. When he looks at the menu, he sees that they offer albatross soup, and he orders it. When the soup comes he takes one bite and puts down the spoon. He then leaves the restaurant and goes out to his car without payinging. He gets into his car and drives off the cliff into the ocean below, killing himself instantly. Why did he drive off the cliff?
Answer: The man was a sailor when he was young and was shipwrecked with four other sailors. They floated on the raft for days with no water or supplies. One morning the man woke to find that one of the other passengers was missing and one of the remaining men was eating something. He said that he had caught an albatross and offered for the others to eat some. The man suspected but couldn't prove that it was the other passenger. Eventually they were rescued and the man lived in suspision until that day in the restaurant. After tasting the soup, he realized that it did not taste the same as that day on the liferaft. The man realized that he had eaten human flesh, and overwhelmed with disgust, drove off the cliff and killed himself.
The albatross Riddle Meme.
The albatross Riddle Meme with riddle and answer page link.
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