Riddle: There are four people trying to cross a bridge. They each take a different amount of time to cross: 1 minute ; 2 minutes ; 5 minutes ; and 10 minutes. The bridge can only hold 2 people at a time, so they must cross the bridge in pairs. The two people paired together must travel at the speed of the slower person (i.e. 5 min. & 10 min. person paired takes 10 min. total to go across). After two people have crossed, one person must return to the other side to give the ‘all clear.’ (i.e. the 5 min. person would return, taking 5 min, and bringing the total time to 15). Get all four people across in 17 min.
Answer: 1,2,5,10

1&2 go = 2min.
1 min returns = 3 total

1,5,10 (Bridge) 2

5& 10 go = 13 total

1 (Bridge) 2,5,10

2 returns = 15 min

1,2 (Bridge) 5,10

1,2 go = 17
The Bridge Riddle Meme.
The Bridge Riddle Meme.
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