Riddle: In England, the Queen was with the duke on her way to her throne. When trying to sit down on her throne, she fell backwards. She was so embarassed so she told the duke this: "Until you see me again, you shall not tell anyone what happen to me." Back at his house, a lot of reporters her a rumor about the Queen and went to see the duke to know what happen to her. But the duke gave his word to the Queen not to reveal to anyone what happen to her. So all of the reporters gave up except one. He gave the duke a lot of money and the duke told the whole story. The next, the Queen, angry, called the duke and told him that broke his promise and told the whole story. But the duke told her that he kept his word and followed her instructions.
How can he say that he did kept his word?
Answer: The Queen said that: "Until you see me again you shall not reveal to anyone what happen to me." The face of the Queen is on the money.
The duke Riddle Meme.
The duke Riddle Meme.
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