Riddle: it was the first day of school, and a little boy named tim was going to pre-school. on the first day, his teacher said to the class, "who can tell me where joobalanga is on the map? how about you, tim?" and tim said, "i dont know where joobalonga is..." the teacher said, "WHAT???" and threw him out of class to the principals office. when tim got to the principals office, the principal asked, "why are you here on the first day of pre-school?" tim replied, "i didnt know where joobalonga was." then the principal said, "WHAT???" and called his mom to pick him up. when his mom came to the school, she was really angry at the school because they kicked out a pre-schooler. tim and his mom got into the car and were driving home when his mom asked, "why on earth did you get kicked out of school?" and tim answered, "all i said was that i didnt know where joobalonga was on the map..." then his mom said, "WHAT???" and kicked tim out of the car and into the street. tim was very sad and didnt know where to go, so he just walked along the crosswalk. on his way, he met a police officer. the police officer said, "why arent you in school or at home, little boy?" and tim said, "well, i got kicked out of everywhere because i didnt know where joobalonga was." the police officer said, "WHAT???" and threw tim across the street. tim picked himself up and happened to look up when he saw a sign that said "JOOBALONGA" now he got really excited and ran across the street to go see joobalonga when a speeding car ran over him.

now....whats the moral of the story?
Answer: look both ways before crossing the street

(and thanks for reading the looong riddle...but it was worth it, right?)
whats the moral?? Riddle Meme.
whats the moral?? Riddle Meme.
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