Riddle: Three people go out for a meal and it comes to £30. They split the cost and pay £10 each. The waiter takes the money to the till and realises thet theres a special offer on and they only have to pay £25. So he put £25 pound in the till and goes to take £5 back to them, on the way is decieds to keep £2 for himself and gives £1 back to the customers. Now they have only paid £9 each for a meal.
So if you add the money up it goes like this: 9+9+9=27 add the money the waiter took +2=29. So wheres the other £1 gone??
Answer: Its a trick because the £1 hasent vannished its just the way you work it out. If you do it in reverse like so you will get £30: £30-£5=£25 thats the money for the meal. The Waiter keeps a pound and gives three back. So £25+1+1+1+2=30
The Missing Pound Riddle Meme.
The Missing Pound Riddle Meme.
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