Riddle: u have 3 rotten eggs with crocodiles coming out of them to kill you. 2 crocodiles are in 2 eggs, and 1 egg is a chicken egg. you dont know which egg has the chicken egg, and you only have 1 minute to choose an egg before it hatches. There are words in the eggs.they ask questions. The first one reads:1+1=3 your supposed to pick the egg with a question and an answer thats right, but this one's answer is wrong, so obviously, its not the one. Egg#2 reads:the word "their" can be spelled 4 different ways. and the 3rd egg reads:everyone is a human with hair. Witch egg is right? #2? Or #3? (there is an answer)
Answer: it is egg#2 becuase their can be spelled 4 different ways. It can be spelled their, they're, there and they are.
3 rotten eggs Riddle Meme.
3 rotten eggs Riddle Meme.
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