Riddle: Jimmy had 10 goldfish altogether.One was a carnivore fish. he fed them with food. Jimmy put 100 pelts of food in the tank so that every fish would eat 10 pelts.One day, he put 100 pelts in, 1 fish had eaten 20 pelts of food, but all the fish still all got they're daily meal, and Jimmy still put 100 pelts in the tank.
How could this be?
Answer: Ok, The answer might be a little confusing. So, after Jimmy puts 100 pelts in the tank, all the fish get their share with 10 pelts each. After 1 fish ate 10 pelts, the carnivore ate that fish when he already ate 10 pelts, so he ate 10 pelts, and a fish which ate 10 more pelts. (10+10=20)
hardest goldfish question ever! Riddle Meme.
hardest goldfish question ever! Riddle Meme.
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