Riddle: You are in your house, watching the news on T.V. and suddenly a news flash says that on your street there is a murderer. Please avacuate. You love your house so you don't want to evacuate. Suddenly, the power goes out and you hear the back door open. the murderer is in your house. you want to go investigate. you go down a hallway to a door...you open the door, go down another hallway and go up some stairs. you reach a 3-way hallway. you go straight and up some stairs. you go down another hallway and up another flight of stairs. you open a door...and the murderer finds you. would you rather be choked with a knife, shot in the head or sit in the electric chair.
Answer: electric chair because the power is out.
3 stories Riddle Meme.
3 stories Riddle Meme.
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