Riddle: A man walks into a restaurant and orders a plate of a seagull, he takes 1 bite, walks out of the restaurant, and kills himself. Why? (there is a reasonable answer but without asking me any questions I don't think it would be possible to figure out) * Hint: The seagull was made perfectly it was not poisonous.
Answer: The man was a Fisherman. One day a while ago his boat crashed, and three of the men he was fishing with died. He and some other men were stranded on an island. There were only seagulls on the island. The dead bodies floated to the island where they were stuck on. One man wanted to eat the dead bodies because the seagulls were too hard to catch, but no one else would. So, one day, the guy who wanted to eat the bodies, said he was going to catch some seagulls. That night for dinner he cut up the bodies and told everyone else that it was seagull meat.

A while after they were rescued from the island, the man found the restaurant that served seagulls. He had liked it the time he had it on the island. When he put the seagull in his mouth it tasted different than what he remembered. After a moment he realized he had eaten some of his best friends on that island. He ran outside and killed himself because he felt so bad.
Seagull Soup Riddle Meme.
Seagull Soup Riddle Meme.
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