Riddle: an evil king captured three wisemen traveling through his land. one wiseman had perfect eye sight, the second had only one eye, and the third had no eyes. this king was a man who liked to play with his prisoners minds. he liked to play games with them, if they lost, they would lose their life. if they won, they would go free. so he came up with a game to play with these wisemen. he said to them, "here I have five stones. three are white, two are black. I will put each of you in seperate rooms, and then place one stone on each of your heads. I will then bring you together and give each of you one chance to try to figure out what colored stone you hvae on top of your head by looking at the stones on the others heads.not only must you figure out waht color you hvae, but you must be able to tell me how you did it." this he did. bringing them together he said to the first one "what is the color of the stone on your head?". the wiseman responded, "there is not enough information for me to guess." and so teh king killed him. the second one also could not figure out what color stone he had on his head. so the king killed him to. finally the king asked teh third, completely blind wiseman. this wiseman told the king what color he had, and how he figured it out. and keeping his word the king let him go. how did this man figure it out?
Answer: the third wiseman had a white stone. because if he had a black stone, one of the other two wisemen would have been able to discover what color they had.
three wise men Riddle Meme.
three wise men Riddle Meme.
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