Riddle: There is a dog, a cat, a mouse, and an elephant. The dog is blue, the cat is orange, the mouse is yellow, and the elephant is white. The dogs eats lamb, the cat eats horse, the mouse eats cow, and the elephant eats, lions. The dog is 5, the cat is 9, the mouse is 1, and the elephant is 26. The dogs mom's name was Cat, the cats mom's name was Mouse, the mouses mom's was Elephant, and the elephants mom's name was Dog. They all knew a monkey named George. George had a 2nd cousin twice removed named Bob. Bob was the 5th cousin of the dogs mother Cat. Cat was the mother of George's 5th cousin's grandmother's uncle's nephew twice removed. How old is George?
Answer: 126, because you have to add everything up, square it, then add 7.5 because of Bob. (If you spent time reading that and trying to figure that out....SUCKER!!!!!! Because there was no real answer!)
Age Riddle Meme.
Age Riddle Meme.
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