Riddle: A girl named Janet,had went to jail for a crime she didn't do.When she was locked up and away all alone,she had found 3 furniture pieces:a bat,a saw on a table,and Piano,She had figured out 3 ways to get out of jail using those furniture/items. How did she get out of jail???
Answer: 1)1 way was to swing the bat three times, nad striked out{like in baseball)and she ran out and got away and the cops not knowing

2)She played the piano untill she played the right key and she unlocked the door and got out.(Key to open the door)and she was free.

3)She got the saw and cut the table in half,and since two halves make a hole(whole)she crawled out of the whole and was free at last.

4)she ran around the room untill she wore herself out.

Bonus)(she screamed for joy when she was out and her voice got hoarse and she rode on a horese and moved on..changed her ame and moved far,far away so nobody will ever know what happened to her....THE END!!!!!
No Way Out Riddle Meme.
No Way Out Riddle Meme.
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