Riddle: You are a superhero

You are tied up with ropes that are
The villain that caught you says "I like you, so I am gonna give you a chance to free yourself.

He puts you in front of 2 computers and says,
"One of these computers always lies and one always tells the truth you dont know which one."

You see those 2 doors. One is freedom and the other is instant death.

You can ask one computer one question to figure out which door leads to freedom .

What do you ask?
Answer: You ask either computer what the other computer says is the door to freedom and take the opposite door .

Because if you are asking the lie computer it will have to lie about what the truth computer will say so it is wrong
The truth computer will have to say the truth about what the lying computer will say which is also wrong and all you have to do is take the other door
The Computers and Doors Riddle Meme.
The Computers and Doors Riddle Meme.
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