Riddle: A blonde sister and a brunette sister both had $50.00. They wanted to buy a bull fo r$100.00. So they put their money together and were going to buy the bull. The blonde told her brunette sister to send her a teleagram when she got the bull so she could come get the bull. After the sister bought the byll for what was supposed to be $100.00 was only $99.00 she went to the telegram place. She asked how many words she could get for $1.00. The clerk said one word and he asked why. The brunette sister said my sister is a dumb blonde this is the word I want to tell her to come for the bull. What word was that?
Answer: The brunette sister sent the word comfortble because her sister was a dumb blonde and she would sound the word out and it would sound like come-for-the-bull.
The Bull Riddle Meme.
The Bull Riddle Meme.
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